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Many of our Reboots podcast episodes feature guests who share that 12-step recovery programs are key components of their reboots.

Beginning with Episode R008: An Addict Comes Clean with Mason Floyd, we will provide free resources based on our conversations with our guests who practice 12 steps of recovery.

Two Things + 1

Thing 1: We’re happy for you to share these resources. Download, print extras, share them wherever they may find someone in need of the information. We simply ask that you don’t, in any way, alter the documents.

Thing 2: We do not require an email address to download these resources. We respect your anonymity. However, if you’d like to be notified when we feature recovery stories, you may subscribe below.

Thing 3: We’re not experts, nor are we counselors or medical professionals so we won’t advise you about recovery matters. We are pleased to provide a safe place for you to learn more about recovery and will gladly read your comments. Then, we will likely advise you to get plugged into a 12-step group near you. Community, in our experience, can’t be done online. We’ve learned that face-to-face conversations with someone “who gets us” is required for the 12 steps to work.

R008: An Addict Comes Clean – Mason Floyd

My life is exceptional. My story is exceptional. It doesn’t always go as well as it’s gone for me.

In his podcast interview, Mason recounts a 20-year addiction, what it felt like to be someone he didn’t want to be, and how his self-image was – in large part – wrapped up in his misconceptions of his Creator. He walks us through his imperfect, yet deeply satisfying, recovery journey.

FREE PDF SUMMARY: R008: Mason Floyd 1

R008x: Mason Floyd Gives Back

In this second of a two-part podcast series, Mason Floyd shares with us the wisdom of his hard-fought journey. In this interview, we learn how to figure out if we may have a problem with substance abuse, how to live through someone else’s addiction, how to talk with our children about those caught up in the opioid epidemic,  and how to navigate – in our own minds -the existence of God.

FREE PDF SUMMARY: R008x Mason Floyd 2

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