R007: Popcorn Motivation – Casey Millspaugh

July 25, 2017 Casey Millspaugh is a millennial entrepreneur. He’s got a full-time gig, and a fistful of side hustles working most of the time. He sees his latest enterprise – Fort Smith Popcorn Company – as an example of an economic reboot he envisions for the Fort Smith, Arkansas region and for the community’s […]

ROO4: When Grief is Your Story – Ada Floyd

Download episode Stream episode ROO4: When Grief is Your Story – Ada Floyd June 15, 2017 Five children, four pregnancies, three living children, two broken parents, one God. Ada excels at math. Years after the loss of twin boys, the formula of 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 still tumbles in her mind. This sequence of […]

ROO3: Hope Dealer – Chris Chaney

Download this episode Stream this episode ROO3: Hope Dealer – Chris Chaney June 01, 2017 Chris Chaney is a serial entrepreneur. His first tastes of entrepreneurship came at an early age, participating in a bicycle chop shop enterprise and doubling his money selling double bubble in junior high. His young mind was gearing up for life […]

R002: All things sunshiney – Julie Jones

Stream this episode Download this episode ROO2: All Things Sunshiney – Julie Amber Jones May 17, 2017 Julie’s art studio and blog are named “All Things Sunshiney,” a name that came to her during some of her darkest days. Julie shares the back-story behind the name of this part of her business portfolio, she speaks […]