How a talking tree witnessed history

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My high school yearbook entry is evidence that I’ve always felt I “belong” around microphones. (No, I will not show you a pic of the entry because there will be a pic of 17- year-old me included and this is not acceptable.)

As far back as junior high, I had a nifty gig at a local mall. I was a talking Christmas tree. You read that right. A talking Christmas tree.

Even as I pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Radio/TV/Film at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, I earned paychecks at the legendary KAAY-AM [1] and worked amongst Emmy-award winning journalists at KARK-TV. I operated studio cameras, teleprompters, and produced commercials in the promotions department.

I earned a Mississippi Associated Press Award for her first on-air story at WTOK-TV in Meridian, Mississippi. We did a Christmas series about the homeless population in the town. Years later, I earned an Oklahoma Associated Press award for coverage of EPA violations at Sequoyah Fuels.

In October 1991, I was on the lawn at the Old State House when then-Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton announced his bid for the White House. I covered the campaign from Arkansas and the Republican National Convention in Houston, Texas in August 1992. In November of that year, I was standing in the middle of the world’s biggest mosh pit – on Markham Avenue in front of the Old State House as the Clintons, and Al Gore and his family celebrated the victory.

Shortly after that presidential election, I left broadcast journalism for the financial services industry and then spent a dozen years in local government.

The Reboots Podcast and Winchell Story Works blog reflect my roots as a journalist and storyteller. My best on-air work comes when I get out of the way of the people whose stories I’m sharing with the public. My job is to glue bits and pieces together, to connect the interview with the person watching or listening.

The Winchell Story Works blog is about understanding how faith and science coexist in the realm of knowing, sharing, and living our own flawed, authentic stories.

This blog is also a place for me to share struggles, victories, and insights about life, communicating for success, and the process of pursuing a living as a creative entrepreneur, with a journalistic twist.

Key members of my support community are helping me help readers make sense of the intersections and perceived divergences between faith and science. For their wisdom, support, and insight I am profoundly grateful.

My life centers around my faith, but I refuse to be blind to the science behind human behavior.

I upload a podcast every other week and post a couple of stories on my blog each week.

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[1]: Thanks, David B. Treadway!



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