R012: Abounding Grace with Jordan Cross


When my friend Arthur Green helped me come up with the Reboots concept, he insisted that we nurture two distinct storylines – business and entrepreneurship, as well life, faith, and recovery stories.

This week, we feature my friend Jordan Cross.

And I don’t use the word “friend” loosely.

As explained in the episode, Jordan and I met when we were both desperately in need of reboots.

I’ve witnessed her growth, maybe even played a small part in her reboot – from a frightened and alone mother-to-be to a pretty spectacular boy mom of a precious little fellow.

What I love most about this particular episode is that Jordan not only shares of her past – and the reasons she ended up where she did – she readily admits that, sometimes, old wounds open up, tempting her to return to the choices that brought misery to herself and to others.

My very favorite parts of this episode are when she opens up her toolbox and explains how she uses a myriad of habits, reflections, readings, and actions whenever she catches herself headed down an unwelcome path.

Here’s a for instance:

When Jordan is tempted to lash out at someone for being a jerk, she puts some space between the person and the trigger, vents to someone safe, asks for an outside perspective, prays and then considers a sane response, when required.

When Jordan’s tempted to lash out at someone for being a jerk, she puts some space between the person and the trigger, vents to someone safe and asks for an outside perspective. Then she prays and considers a sane response when required.

Jordan’s story is filled with matters of faith in God, and an eternal redemption from mistakes before she ever made them.

I’ve been studying the lyrics of a tune by We Are the Messengers, called Point to You.


Here’s my favorite part:

I want so badly just to finally get well

But I don’t want a quick fix and emotional self

I will be honest with my humanity

No I’m not perfect and I don’t pretend to be

My friend Jordan’s story – and the way she shares it on this Reboots episode – is a reminder to me that when we are honest with ourselves about our imperfections, when we figure out that “getting well” requires an odd combination of hard work and letting go, and when we admit to others that we don’t have all the answers, life gets better.

Knowing my story and learning to live my story requires that I am patient with myself as I make changes in my life and that sharing my story requires enough transparency to show that I’m not fixed, I’m just better.

I believe that my Higher Power – God – helps me find perspective in this life and gives me hope for the next.

Still, I’m fascinated that the tools friends like Jordan use to keep our life, faith, and recovery reboots between the ditches run parallel to the teachings of business and entrepreneurship sages like Ryan Holiday who, in this recent blog post, advocates taking an inventory of how we spend our time, the people we invest in, our relationships with our work, what scares us, and more.

Jordan’s story reaffirms what I realized in July 2016, as I sat in a church auditorium in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, listening to Dr. Henry Cloud one day and Dr. John Townsend the next, addressing a packed house of Celebrate Recovery lay leaders.

The stuff these two renowned psychologists teach in 12-step recovery circles is exactly the same stuff they teach to Fortune 100 C-Suite executives. It’s just called something different.

So, when my friend Arthur insisted that I keep the Reboots stories balanced, I knew we were onto something important.

Leave it to my friend Jordan – who listened to an early prototype episode featuring my friend Arthur Green and provided excellent feedback on bringing Reboots to life – to make a public contribution to this effort, and to my own personal and professional recovery.

By the way, I’m pretty sure her story will rock your world, too.

So what are you waiting for?

Stop reading this and go listen to Jordan’s story right now.


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