Reboots Roundup 2017-09-29

The last week in September was hectic.

So hectic that we scheduled more Friday meetings than is normal.

To be sure, these were exciting meetings about the future of Winchell Story Works, Inc.

But Reboots Roundup took a back seat.

Rebooting Birds on the Bat

Until today, as we listened to the final St. Louis Cardinals radio broadcast of the season, as the Cards lost to the Milwaukee Brewers.

After two seasons in a row of missing October baseball, there’s no doubt the birds on the bat will feature some different looks for next season.

Here’s to a successful Cardinals reboot.

Repurposing Perishables

Do you have a Meijer grocery? We don’t.

But I sure like what they’re doing with their “imperfect” produce.

The retailer is working with farms to help repurpose vegetables and fruits that don’t quite meet the display standards for the retail end of the business.

The products that don’t meet those standards are shipped to local food banks for distribution or recycled as compost or animal feed.

Get this – last year Meijer says its Misfits program recycled almost 50 million pounds of what otherwise would have been considered “food waste.”

Would you be more inclined to shop at a grocery chain that implemented a program like this?

Cinder Block Love

Cinder blocks get no respect.

They’re drab.

But they’re pretty cheap.

And, as demonstrated in this feature, they’re versatile.

I like the futon cubbie space idea best. Those tiny shoes, though!

If you’ve got some cinder blocks in your back yard or garage, and you have no idea what to do with them, you’re welcome!

Craft Soda Brand Comeback

This summer, we invited a friend to supper.

He brought over a four-pack of blue Jones Soda and a cheesecake.

Yes, he can come back anytime!

I’ve always loved the Jones brand. The labels are cool, and the colors? Well, they’re gorgeous.

But you know what else?

That blue soda really tasted great on a hot summer evening.

So Segment 1 of Episode 448 Your Business Unstuck intrigued me.

Check out.




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