Looking for a Clean Slate? Here’s a Start.

R011: Clean Slate – Zachary Sexton

No matter how hard we try life gets messy, doesn’t it?

Let’s get real here. Pretty often, the harder I try, the messier life gets.

A former boss once told me, “You’re the most organized disorganized person I’ve ever met.”

He’s right.

My Struggle

I crave order in my work.

Unfortunately, trying to wrestle external organization out of a scattered brain is a battle.

Time blocking generally works well for me, except when I think a writing-slash-critical thinking project will take an hour and it takes me 2 hours.

I’m in a flow state, but I’ve blown right by the time I’d blocked out for responding to emails.

See what I just did there?

I threw a couple of productivity terms at you.

Time blocking and flow state.

Zack: My Productivity GPS

One of the writers I’ve turned to for the past several years to help me bring order out of work chaos is Zachary Sexton – our latest business and entrepreneurship guest.

Turns out, he knows what it’s like to crave order inside an uncooperative brain.

He’s studied cognitive psychology.

He knows the necessary elements of turning a desired habit into a way of life.

Plus, he’s a really, really nice guy.

And? He’s an accomplished teacher.

By listening to people like you and me, Zack knows how to create a step-by-step plan for bringing order from work- and goals-related action items for his clients, his podcast audience, and his blog.

Zack has helped me transition into a creative self-employment environment where measurable objectives meet weekly planning and adjusting daily activities according to the stuff of life and work situations that simply can’t be predicted ahead of time.

I’m excited to introduce Reboots listeners to one of my life and business guides.

What Zack’s Interview Means for Reboots

But you know what’s most satisfying to me about having Zack on our show?

Since late 2016 when my friend Arthur Green (Episode R001 guest) and I came up with the concept for Reboots Podcast, I’ve always wanted to do more than share compelling life and business reboots stories.

We’re only five months into this journey, and we’ve brought our listeners’ powerful stories of redemption.

The telling of these stories brings meaning to our guests and to our listeners. Holocaust survivor and psychiatrist Viktor Frankl wrote extensively about how – when suffering brings about a higher purpose – pain becomes more tolerable.

Still, there has to be more to the Reboots Podcast.

And I believe that guests like Zachary Sexton walk us toward the product I know has a place in the lives of countless human beings.


While motivation is a powerful thing for us humans, without developing skills to change our internal or external realities – in life or in business – we tend to ride a roller coaster of hope and despair.

And that’s no way to live.

My favorite productivity guide on the interwebs will be the first to tell you he doesn’t have the answers to everything in this life.

But he is extraordinarily well-equipped to help us tame our minds so that we can go about the important work of transforming our own lives and helping others bring meaning to theirs.

Thank you, Zack, for sharing with us your personal and professional reboots. That you came back to teaching means so much to me.

What Topics Can Help You?

Tell me.

What areas of expertise might help you, dear reader, bring meaningful change to your life?

Your suggestions will help me schedule guests for 2018.

Comment below or drop me a line.




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