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R012: Abounding Grace with Jordan Cross

  When my friend Arthur Green helped me come up with the Reboots concept, he insisted that we nurture two distinct storylines – business and entrepreneurship, as well life, faith, and recovery stories. This week, we feature my friend Jordan Cross. And I don’t use the word “friend” loosely. As explained in the episode, Jordan […]

Outrage: How I keep this useless emotion from ruining my life, my relationships, and my faith​

Outrage. Have you had enough? I have. If you enjoy being angry all day every day, move along, please. If you’re sick and tired of turning over your emotions to those not like you and me, please keep reading. — What makes me mad, you ask? I’m furious that even one liberal American is shaming […]

Looking for a Clean Slate? Here’s a Start.

R011: Clean Slate – Zachary Sexton No matter how hard we try life gets messy, doesn’t it? Let’s get real here. Pretty often, the harder I try, the messier life gets. A former boss once told me, “You’re the most organized disorganized person I’ve ever met.” He’s right. My Struggle I crave order in my […]

Happy Fall, Y’all: Camping hacks, racing to the penant, and doily do-overs

Low-Tech Camping Hacks Nothing good has ever come of Tracy going camping. Even when I was a kid, my body couldn’t handle smoke from the fire, consuming large quantities of generic grape sodas, sleeping on hard ground, allergic reactions to spring and fall, and an intense loathing of sweltering summers in Arkansas. But, hey. Autumn […]